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    English issue.


    Sep 23, 2022

    He likes playing computer games. Why did you add S? Like is a verb here, and play is also a verb. Under what circumstances, do you add ing? Use other verbs to add ing?

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    1. Regarding the first question, Game is a number of noun, plus S is a plural form, and Computer Games indicates that there are many (or more) computer games. The noun needs to consider whether the crown word is added and whether the number of crown words and the multiple forms are used in use. The number of nouns generally has the following four forms:
      1. A Computer Game, which refers to a computer game;
      2. Computerer Games, generally refers to (some or many) computer games;
      3. The Computer Game, especially (this) a computer game;
      The original sentence belongs to the second type.

      Is about the second question:
      1. There are two uses for like: like doing sth. and like to do sth.
      2. Like (Live sth.). And the Doing (Playing in this sentence) is a moving noun, we can take the doing sth. Playing Computer Games with a noun nature is well understood. (In other words, Play is used as the original form of verb. In the sentence, it cannot be added behind the verb line. In order to match the verb Like, you need to add ing to From an angle, there is only one verb as a predicate in a simple sentence in English, which is often called predicate verb. In this sentence, the verb Like acts as a predicate (or a predicate verb), and the Playing Computer Games as a whole acts as an object.
      It, the to do call the verb infinitive in the like to do sth. (Doing sth. And to do sth. You can also use the subject as a whole.)

      Is to use other verbs, they have their own use, some add to do, some add doing, and some are also some, and some are also some, and some are also some, and some of them. Both. For example:
      1. ENJOY, Keep, Hate, Finish, Avoid, etc. plus Doing;
      2. Hope, WANT, Expect, Decide, INEND, etc.
      It, some verbs will omit the to do, such as Let SB. Do STH. and Help (SB.) Do STH.

    2. Because there are more than one computer game, s need to be plural.
      Here Like is a non -predicate verb. It will add a verb in the later form

      It does not have to be used in the form of ing.
      Like, ENJOY, LOVE, Hate, Feel Like, Finish, Keep, Mind and other words directly use ING forms
      nwant or would like, decide, hope, wish, expect, plan, agree, agree, agree, agree, agree, Refuse, Learn, Fail, Teach and other words add to do and then use the verb original shape

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