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    How can the landlord fight to win?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. In the early days of the landlord game, the player's big name should pay attention to leaving himself a chance to return, even the landlord player. Although everyone in the early stage of the landlord game is being miscellaneous, but even if it is a miscellaneous card, everyone cannot take it lightly, especially the landlord players, it is easy to make the card power in the early stage of the game because of too relaxing.
      The players of the landlord must not be able to play a card type that is equivalent to their opponent players when playing cards. Instead, they should play the weak card of the opponent. Correct card strategy. However, when playing cards, players should also pay attention to screening to determine that the card she played is really the disadvantaged card of the opponent, not the trap he deliberately created.
      The origin of the game
      The landlord is a poker game popular in Wuhan and Hanyang in Hubei. The game needs to be carried out by 3 players, using a pair of 54 cards (even ghost cards), one of which is the landlord, the other two are the other, and the two sides play against each other.
      The landlord originated in Hanyang, Wuhan, Hubei, and was adapted by professional poker expert Yan Jun and his companions based on the popular poker gameplay. At the beginning, there was a group of "running fast" obsessed. They often played the "run fast" of the three people when the number of people was insufficient. At first, they did not call the landlord.

    2. How to fight the landlord
      In the law of many landlords, my favorite is classic gameplay. Because the classic gameplay is less likely to double the gameplay and tweeter gameplay. Therefore, entertainment and leisure players prefer classic gameplay, and players who like excitement, they like to have a greater multiplier gameplay. Below, let me talk about the law rules of classic landlords.

      classic landlord gameplay, a pair of cards (54) three -player gameplay. The landlord's 20 cards fight against two farmers with 17 cards.

      The landlord rules: start 17 cards for each family, leave 3 cards, and then randomly (counterclockwise) to take turns to determine the landlord. When calling the card, it can be called "1 point", "2 points", "3 points", "not called". Three ways to determine the landlord: one is to call the local owner directly, and the other is the three of the three, the top lover of the highest score; the third is that the three are not called the landlord, and the first speaker is the landlord. The landlord takes the three cards.

      In the rules of the card: The landlord has a first -hand card. The end of the first round of cards is the first round of cards, and so on, until the end of this game, which is the mainland gameplay.

      The winning or losing rules: First, the landlord first completed the cards on the hand, then the landlord won; Farmers have won.

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