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    How to make WeChat h5 mini games


    Sep 22, 2022
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    1. Guide: I believe that everyone often sees some interesting WeChat H5 games in WeChat, and they can't help curious. How do they make it? In fact, the production steps of the WeChat H5 mini game are very simple, only a few steps below can be easily completed.
      It using WeChat games for H5 game marketing, the important thing is to use users as the core to produce games that users love. According to analysis, the "Sneak Golden Egg" activity is a game that many people like to play, and the user participation is low. The following will introduce the production method of "Small Golden Egg":
      1. The WeChat game production platform registered and logged in to the event gathered. Note that the game in the platform must be simple and fun, and the game management system must be improved. It can realize the functions of data analysis, redeeming prizes, and user management. Select.
      2. Through game classification or search, find the WeChat H5 gaming template "Small Golden Egg", or use other related games, such as "Gascin", "Scrape" and "Shaking", etc., and then conduct according to user preferences or needs choose.
      3. Click to create, and then according to the requirements of the game interface, simply design some picture materials, and then replace it into the interface to make the game truly become your own game. At the same time, set the rules of the game, supplement the game prizes, try to improve each setting column, make full play to make full use of the output. The role of H5 mini game.
      4. After the production of the game is determined, the game is published at the appropriate time, and the QR code and links are published in the public account or other platforms, so that the game marketing activities have officially started. Note that the early promotion must be strong, after all, the timeliness of WeChat activities is relatively short.
      5. During the event, we must keep the WeChat public platform customer service or other contact information unblocking to ensure that it can solve the problem for users in need in time. At the same time, it will be arranged for the winning users to make the event smoothly.
      6. After the event, you can summarize the dissemination data given in the platform and the user data. These data can be used for the mobile phone, the applet, or the PC car. Play an important role.
      Please click Enter the picture description
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      The H5 game template on the platform gathering.

    2. I believe that you often see some interesting WeChat H5 games in WeChat, and you ca n’t help curious. How do they make it? In fact, the production steps of the WeChat H5 mini game are very simple, only a few steps below can be easily completed.

      1. Open the Fanke interactive H5 game production platform, register its own account, and then start the production of H5 mini games:

      2, select a H5 mini game template ; By moving the mouse into the H5 game template you want to create, preview the general gameplay of the H5 mini game, and determine if you want to create, just click to create it immediately:
      3.接着对游戏进行自定义的编辑设置,选中H5小游戏画面中能够替换的图片,然后将自己想植入的产品图片,上传替换至游戏画面上;除了游戏画面的编辑外,还需要对H5小The basic parameters of the game are set. On the setting bar on the right, you only need to set the corresponding game rules according to your own needs:

      4, the WeChat H5 that will be made well The mini -game is saved, and you can also share it.

    3. Many of the small games shared by the WeChat circle of friends you see now are made of WeChat H5.

      Is how to make, this may not be clear in a sentence or two.
      It simply, technical personnel need to be technically needed, in addition to design, background program, etc.
      The preparation of server and domain names.
      If you need to use WeChat's related interfaces, you also need a WeChat public account, and the certification requires certain information.
      only with these can you make a WeChat H5 game and can be released and shared.
      It hope to help you.

    4. H5 mini -game can be produced through code development and professional production tools.
      If you want to customize your own code, you can search for tutorials such as HTML and CSS online, but because these technologies are highly professional, it is almost impossible to learn in the short term.
      If you want to master the production skills of the H5 mini game as soon as possible, then you can choose to directly use the intention to use the EPUB360H5 page making tool for production. It is a professional H5 page making tool that supports SVG path animation, WeChat advanced interface JSSDK, and shaking, collision detection, gravity sensing, associated control, etc. In addition, it also has advanced data components such as parameter variables, conditional judgments, databases, etc., which can easily implement test questions, draws, and social light game H5 design.
      It you can first be familiar with various functional components, and then search for keywords for the Tutorial Center of the Italian EPUB360 to view the corresponding tutorial. With the tutorial, it will be much easier to learn.

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