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    How to play Red Star 5


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. The Red Star 5 is played like this. The Red Five games are played by four people, usually three dozen, one or two or two, and the two cards of the two cards are more than ten cards and five. A total of sixty cards are randomly divided into four players Essence
      The player will organize according to the order and type of the card after getting the card. The most basic is the single card that cannot be formed.

      Nowadays, video games have been popular in society for a long time, but for chess and card games, many players still have no interest. After all The only joy with friends is to play cards and drink alcohol. So today, what I want to tell you is one of the card games.
      This game is relatively complicated compared to other chess and card games, because it is a brand -scale game, which requires two to three brands and four people to play together. Most of the players, in fact, after understanding the game rules and gameplay, this game is not as difficult as imagined. Next, let's talk about the gameplay of this Red Five game.
      The red five games are played by four people, generally three dozen or two or two, and the two cards of the two cards are more than ten cards and five, a total of sixty, randomly distributed to four players, players, players, players After getting the card, it is organized according to the order order and the card type. The most basic is the single card that cannot be group.
      Then there are two cards with the same number of cards. They are called pairs, which are three same cards in order, which are three cards with the same number of points. There are four same as seven and seven cards. You need to pay attention to pay attention to. It is except that the red peach five cannot be organized, and other cards are fine.
      Then talk about the rules of the red five cards, and generally take a ten from the card group, and then distribute this ten in turns. If no one is grabbing, you can arbitrarily open a card, or a card group.
      Player in turns to the card, the inspiration is that the card of the next family is greater than the upper family. If there is no appropriate card, they can abstain. If there is abandonment, then the player who will be released at the end can play one or a casual. A deck until the end of the game.
      In finally when it comes to how to determine the victory player, the total score of the master and idlers from the entire game is to calculate. The idle family is a call score and basic score. In addition, the core score is calculated together, that is, the total score, the winning or losing or winning, it is clear at a glance.

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