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    How to survive the photos of Douyin


    Sep 23, 2022
    3 thoughts on “How to survive the photos of Douyin”
    1. First open the [Douyin Short Video] app, then click the [ ] icon at the bottom, and then click the [Upload] icon in the lower right corner,
      and then click the [Photo] option, select the photo you want to upload, click [Next] ,
      This you can choose to add [filter]. After setting, click [Next],
      The finally enter what you want to say, add location information, and set view permissions.

    2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe answer requires a mobile phone, and the [Douyin] APP is installed on the mobile phone. The Apple mobile phone 7 is used as the operating demonstration. The specific steps are as follows: First, open the [Douyin] app on your mobile phone first. Second, open the middle position under the interface of the [Douyin] app, find the [ ] button, and click to enter the shooting interface. 3. Click on the red buttons in the middle of the middle and start shooting works. Fourth, click the red button in the middle to stop shooting, and then a check button will appear on the right, click it. 5. After clicking the check button, a new toolbar will appear and click [Next] on the right. 6. After the click is completed, you will enter the poster interface. You can enter the words you want to express on the left side of the video, and then click the [Published] button in the lower right corner to complete the work.

    3. The Douyin APP has gradually replaced the brain residue. Xiaobian also likes to play Douyin very much. Today, I have compiled an article about how to upload pictures of Douyin. Many friends will use Douyin to send videos. So How to upload pictures of Douyin
      The Douyin APP has gradually replaced the brain residue. Xiaobian also likes playing Douyin very much. Today, I have compiled an article about how to upload pictures of Douyin. Take a video with Douyin Section, so how do you upload pictures of Douyin? Let's take a look.

      How to upload photos of Douyin?
      Although Douyin cannot upload photos directly, we also have a way. First, make the photo into static videos, such as in Edius, guide the photos into it ;
      ewIUS's video size is the vertical version of 720x1280. Edit the picture into a full screen. After the editorial is completed, it can be output to MP4 video for us to upload mobile phones, use mobile phone assistants and other software to upload this vertical version video video, upload this vertical video video Go to the mobile phone;
      Open our mobile phone Douyin app, select the album in the upload, and select this video;

      and then edit the music and the cover text, and then click on the post.

      The above: Douyin allows communication to find friends to find me where to switch.
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