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    Is there any fun and simple mini -game?


    Sep 23, 2022
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      The rules of "killing game" are very simple. 1. The players are about 10 to 16, and the people will not be able to play. In view of the requirements of the number, the "killing game" is very suitable for the Chinese New Year. How can there be so many opportunities to meet? It is good to be able to go to six or seven. Besides, young people at the New Year are the most boring. This game can easily pass out for four or five hours.

      2, the tools only need to pay for a card, and three black flowers and one little ghost are safflower. Send one by one here. The young and medium -sized ghosts are judges, black flowers are killers, and Yu is witness or victim. Except for judges, good people are mixed at this time and cannot be distinguished.

      3, the judge announced all his eyes closed, and then announced that the killer opened his eyes. The killer decided to kill the target with his eyes. The rest of the people began to indicate and defend themselves. After some disputes, they voted for who was the killer. The injustice had to be injusted.

      4. This cycle is repeated. As a result, there are two. One is that good people have been killed, but the killer and the killer win;

      The interesting is to refer to testimony and debate, observe words, and may prove who is true murderer in terms of language, expression, and even movement details. Do your best to show people with sincerity, language, expression, and even the details of movement, you should show that you are a good person. This is a psychological war. If you join the judge's plug -in, it will be interesting. Introduce some game strategies, from a "killing" master, for reference only:

      . If you are a "good person"

      1, make full psychological preparations- —The preparation for being "killed". At dawn, you are dead, and everyone looks innocent. But you have to leave clues. At this time, the "intuition" is often very effective, and the judgment error rate is also high. It is likely to mislead the remaining good people.

      2. To use your own "style" (silence? Smile? Considering? Clarify?) Let everyone believe that you are really "good people". Most of the time, sincerity is very important, especially when there is a lot of people, your hesitation and unhappy will set off group doubts and attacks.

      3, because the more tender "killer" always refers to the east to the west, a hesitant. As a good person, once you are not sure, good people will not be soft to you.

      4. Pay attention to the order of "killing". Any "killer" has its own "killing" style. For example, "kill" men before "kill" women, "kill" before "kill", and so on. The experience here is: excellent "killer" always "kills" characters that are less noticed, because they leave the least clues.

      5. Pay attention to the case of the "kill" person. The immature "killer" is easy to follow the wind. He will finally raise his hand (or not so firm) at the critical time in order to reach half of the "kill".

      6. Find the logic of the tender "killer", but when you encounter superb "killers", you have to feel it. There is a top secret: when the game is in the end, the most mature, the most reasonable and the most innocent guy must be a "killer".

      . If you are "killer"

      1, absolutely calm. The real "cold noodle killer" is best expressionless, at least when you just get the "killer" card.

      2, as natural as possible. In the game, you have to be as usual as usual, not to see that your performance is too different from the performance in the game.

      3, "kill" people must be fierce. Generally, "kill" to death, who thinks that is close to you, can best win the trust of others, and good people will think that you cannot be so ruthless.

      4, kill those who do not like to speak first. Because most of these good people have not figured out, he is dead, and generally will not leave a "last words" that is not good for you. However, it is necessary to see the opportunity, and sometimes those good -looking people who are swaying will make the situation even more chaotic, and you can win in chaos.

      5, the "killer" should be clear, and you must be firm when you vote for "killing". You must resolutely identify the "killer" you think, and you must also defend the good people you think. Learning to help good people can often win the favor of good people, and you are more concealed by yourself.

      6. When the number of people is getting less and the situation is clearer, the "killer" must be clear. Every time you speak, you have to clarify two questions: why you can't be a "killer"; who must be a "killer". However, don't forget that people are emotional animals. At this time, sincere and simple explanations are more powerful.

      . If you are a judge

      1, strictly prevent the "dead body fraud". This will reduce the interest of the game a lot. In the "killing" game, the most interesting situation is that the dead people understand everything, but he has lost the right to speak. As we often say: all understanding people in heaven.

      2, pay attention to the rhythm. Often at the beginning of the game, everyone's speech is not very enthusiastic. At this time, the speaker can be as faster as possible, and the acceleration of the rhythm helps to mobilize the enthusiasm of the participants; the more you come to the back Slow, give everyone the time to fully debate and consider.

      Is associate professors in the Department of Social Science in a university understand the popularity of "killing games": people have a primitive, humanistic thing, to conquer the desire to conquer, which is suppressed in modern society and released through virtual space. Modern people work pressure. The game can temporarily exit the social stage, relieve psychological pressure, and play a role of a "safety valve".

      Actually, you can stipulate which card to be used as a killer, not necessarily in accordance with the provisions above, and how much you can play according to the person who participated, for example, after us, after us Classmates can have two killers in the killing game now, and there are also doctors, students, students, or something. It is said that there is also a male classmate who is considering inventing a traitor to make the game more playable.

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