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    What are the card games with 6 lineups?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. What are the card games with 6 lineups? In daily life, chess and cards are a very relaxed and happy mass game. However, in most people's impression, this entertainment activity seems to only be limited to four people. Two people play chess and make a mess. You come and go; Personal choices are more, double buckles, 掼 eggs, cooperate with each other, and make up for shortcomings; the remaining people can only "clear the viewers".

      . In fact, as a big card game country, many card games with strong local characteristics are blooming, and five people or even six people play card games. And these games are more entertaining because they have participated in many players, they are more competitive, and they are more entertaining. Because many times, you can't tell who can trust the teammates, who is the home that needs collective confrontation.

      six -person chess and card games


      Under several poplar trees east of the south gate of Cangkou Plaza in Qingdao, dozens of people often gathered together in their spare time. Most of them are nearby workers, and most of them are "percentage" or "competing upstream". Because the latter is simple and easy to learn, the number of people is not limited. "China Bridge" is a highly intelligent, competitive, and special emphasis on federal players. At the Boundary Leisure Sports Conference, it has become a formal competition.

      For each -level lovers, the charm of enough level is not just the joy of "flowing flowers", the comfort of "scrambling", but also the main thing is that the game itself fights wisdom and bravery The kind of pleasure.


      Cixi Gang/Wenling Six Tockets

      However, it is limited to only two players in two or two combinations, and extra people can only watch the war.

      The witty people invented new rules. If you want 6 people to play together, just add 2 cards. A group of three people, playing 4 cards, still fun. And due to the large number of people, the team's cooperation requirements are higher, and the original game is simple to run fast. The game becomes more exciting.


      Six pumps of Anshan

      The also known as Anshan A -B, which is a poker game unique to Anshan, Liaoning. The unique gameplay of the tribute is more entertaining. Anshan Six Pull uses 2 cards, and 6 people play 18.

      The most interesting part is that the name of the player is quite characteristic of costume drama. For example, the first player who finished the card is called "the emperor", followed by "the second emperor", the two in the middle are called "Zhongdi", and the last two are called "Niangniang".

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