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    What chess and card games are suitable for relatives and friends?


    Sep 22, 2022
    One thought on “What chess and card games are suitable for relatives and friends?”
    1. 1. Ten/Qiao Twenty: The two people are divided into cards, one party first, and the other party must have 10 cards from the other party. In turn, the cards are available first, the winning card is won, and finally more cards received. Next is to get twenty. No matter how many cards are taken, the idea of ​​making up the idea is that it is OK for twenty. rn2、盖棉被:每人手上持十几张牌,轮流抽一张牌翻开放在桌上,同时嘴中按1、2、3、4……报数,如果报的数和The open card is just the same, and immediately cover the card with your hand to see who's response is fast, even if you lose the slowest. This gameplay is very exciting, and sometimes the back of the hand is red.
      3, caught turtle: not necessarily a card, as long as it is right, and then draw one (the one left can only be a single, that is, the so -called 'turtle'); shuffle ; Touch the card; each person first pulls his own hand to put it aside, leaving only the order. Then one party took one from the other party's hand. If the card was paired with the cards in his hand, it was pulled out again, otherwise it was a turtle.
      4, 10:30: One person is the master's home, one is a player. Main cards. First send a card for each person, and then decide whether you still need a card according to the case where you get the card. The total number of several cards adds up to 10:30 (the flower card is the size, 1 ~ 9 represents 1 ~ 9, respectively). If the total number of two or more cards adds up to more than 10:30, it will be lost.

      5, fishing: At least two people are required to participate in this game, distribute the cards on average according to the number of gamers, and then produce a card in order in order. Who will have the same card as one of the cards above, and you can put all the cards between these two cards into the pocket. When the game ends, whoever has the most cards will win.

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