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    What is a distributed architecture?


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “What is a distributed architecture?”
    1. An Chao distributed storage software (hereinafter referred to as: An Chao SDS) is a real unified storage, which realizes the same set of storage systems to provide three data services for the upper layer application, files and objects to meet the business -oriented and non -complicated data Storage requirements, and built -in data protection functions, such as backup, disaster recovery, etc. At the same time, An Chao distributed storage provides a variety of enterprise characteristics, including snapshots, streamlined configuration, backup, encryption, compression, QOS, etc. The needs of the information when the business is rapidly changing. The network virtualization uses software definition network (SDN) as a design concept. Its core technology is to decide the network device control surface and data surface through the network flow protocol, and then realize the flexible control of network traffic, so that the network is used as a pipeline as a pipeline Be more intelligent. An Chao provides a set of logical, simplified network environment and configuration methods, and does not need to ignore the setting of the underlying communication process and various hardware network devices of the data center.
      The enterprise -level unified distributed storage for the cloud
      Resource sharing:
      Manchao SDS can undertake data from the various forms of users, realize uniform storage resource management for users, break the hardware, break the hardware Locking, data can be balanced in the resource pool, simplifying the long -lasting protection design, and comprehensively discovering the potential value of existing data.
      The elastic expansion:
      MDS as a variety of cloud platforms and non -structured data, and the rear storage carrier of big data platforms, which can realize the level from a single resource pool to hundreds of un stops. Expansion, visual management and simple operation and maintenance, built -in data protection, and the rapid response needs of user business innovation.

      Cymphonic friendship:
      Manchao SDS is a truly unified storage, which realizes the same set of storage systems to provide three data services for the upper application, files, and objects. It also supports the protection of data to most of the public clouds to enhance the accessability and liquidity of the data.

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